Ergonomic Assessments

When people work at a computer there is always the possibility of neck, back and upper limb strain or injury from computer-related postures held over long periods of time. This is often in combination with repetitious work.  Allied Corporate Health can help you minimise injuries and reduce risks through correct adjustment and setup of equipment.

Through risk assessment and analysis of workstation setup and tasks we are able to identify problem components of certain tasks, and adjust these to the physical ability of people doing them.

Many work places have purchased ergonomic equipment but still find that employees experience neck, upper limb or back symptoms. This is because the equipment still needs to be correctly adjusted to the individual user. Tasks which involve sustained static postures are not always as free of strain or stress as they appear. With the right information and training, people in these jobs are often able to identify their own causes of strain and take action to improve their own wellbeing for the future.

Although it is fairly normal for work volume to fluctuate, work pressure can lead to people experiencing increased amounts of stress. ACH recognises that keyboard work can sometimes bring a high risk of physical strain and injury, and we supply information and programmes to enable the operator to work safely, productively and injury-free.

Allied Corporate Health offers ergonomic assessments and recommendations to improve workstation safety. Based on our final report you will be able to make the changes, often low-cost and simple, designed to keep your team in much better health and wellbeing.  Further support, equipment, risk management and training can also be arranged so that people can continue to work efficiently and with fewer symptoms.