How long should I sit or stand at my workstation?

Recently there has been much discussion about sitting and standing when doing office work, because of conclusive evidence that long periods of sitting are associated with poorer health. As a result, although some people still choose to be sitting-based others now use sit-to-stand desks and still others have a full-time standing desk with or without a sitting alternative close by.

Yet many people are still not sure how much standing to do every day. Everyone is different, so how do we know how much standing is right for us?

While the answer is that there is no one-size-fits-all, just moving and standing more, breaking up long periods of sitting, can help counter its bad effects.

Below are three models showing hourly breakdowns, all of which can help maintain your health while still allowing you to sit some of the time:



SitStand3Trialling a new standing arrangement doesn’t have to be expensive, you may know someone who is trying it using boxes, shelves or small tables before deciding on further action. Try it yourself this week! Leave a comment on our website, we’d love to know how it went. has looked at a variety of standing desks. You can see what they found at 


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