Last week, Paper Plus Office National Geraldton hosted two standing desk information sessions with Phil from Sylex Ergonomics and Glenys from Allied Corporate Health.


The Midwest workers and managers who came already knew there was a real change happening in the workplace. What we learnt was that sit-to-stand desks are a good way to get more movement into your day, with trends shown in reducing back and neck strain and mental fatigue. As per ACH’s previous blog, frequent movement in your workday helps fight health-related issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Evidence from many respected sources has given birth to new and creative solutions to “sitting syndrome”. When busy people take the time out of their day to learn more about these trends we see workplaces moving closer to being a better fit to their people, and we see that people are now less likely to have to fit the workplace.

Glenys Walker, CEO & Founder

Allied Corporate Health

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