Manual Handing Programs

General Manual Handling

Manual handling takes place whenever we support or mobilise animate or inanimate objects, but in the workplace it has a greater significance. Lifting and other forms of manual handling have the potential to cause immediate or cumulative damage. When we see someone who has been injured at work we see the distress and disruption to the sufferer. And there are further unwanted consequences to the organisation in cost, service provision and insurance.

People often assume they are using correct manual handling at work, however there are many examples of people lifting, or lifting in combination with twisting and other hazardous practices, without being aware they are doing it. An injury does not usually happen all at once, most are cumulative and when finally discovered it can be a difficult road back to recovery. Lost time due to injury, or if you are experiencing a higher rate of MSD’s, can be a signal that there is a problem with the way a task is being done. Prevent the onset of cumulative injuries – ensuring safe manual handling is cost-effective and simple.

By understanding your requirements, Allied Corporate Health will develop the right manual handling techniques, awareness and risk assessment programme for people to use while on the job, before an injury has the chance to occur. This has an important place in workplace safety and preventing injuries to your team.

We provide assessments, training, train-the-trainer and can assist with practical measures so your team enjoys and knows how to maintain safe compliant manual handling.

Health and Aged Care Manual Handling

Due to the high risk of sustaining a manual handling injury in the health and aged care sector, it is important to use correct techniques and be able to minimise risks while on the job. This means ensuring your team uses risk assessment skills, does not use hazardous manual handling techniques, adheres to minimal-lift physical techniques and has the appropriate training.

Having the right equipment is an excellent start however to ensure its effectiveness in reducing injury, further training and assessment are often needed.

ACH will help ensure that your team uses safe posture and has safe-task awareness at work. We inform and train people to operate safely and to identify and control common manual handling risks to beat the threat of injury. You will have better compliance in manual handling, and the right type of training to continue keeping your team safe.

We provide manual handling assessments, training, train-the-trainer, and a system for keeping manual handling in the minds of people at work.