Wellbeing Packages

Studies show that performance at work, quality of life in general, and physical and mental health in the workplace are all linked with each other.

Allied Corporate Health has the right programmes and activities for your team, to promote wellbeing in ways that will suit each person.

Why risk having team members who are feeling stressed or looking for employment elsewhere? Loyal employees play an important role in your company’s smooth functioning, while a high staff turnover causes disruption for everyone. Invest in your most important asset, your human capital, through workplace wellbeing.

Programmes include but are not limited to:

  • Health checks
  • Group activities
  • Healthy lifestyle promotions and
  • Exercise
  • Massage

Some prefer to make up their own activities and may request ACH to assist in running them.

Wellbeing at work has been shown to be associated with smoother teamwork, as sense of belonging and the feeling of being valued. Benefits flow to the organisation when your people feel committed to working there.