Allied Corporate Health is a provider of workplace health, safety and wellbeing services. Our priority is to improve the success of your business or organisation through promotion of safe physical workplace practices and set-ups, injury prevention and support for people who have an existing injury.

How many times have you questioned something that is happening in your workplace – it doesn’t seem quite right but everyone continues to do things that way and they seem to be safe – for now, but nothing will change until someone takes the initiative. Our assessments and programmes in ergonomic assessment, worksite assessment, manual handling, risk assessment and wellbeing can influence and improve many physical and some psychological factors in the workplace. A safe and well-functioning environment helps people achieve greater autonomy and effectiveness at work, and is associated with better overall health for both the organisation and its individual employees.

Because people often spend a lot of time at work, the setup must be correct. Unfortunately having the right equipment does not always mean it is correctly adapted for and operated by the user. Adapting the task to fit the worker, not the other way round, is important in safeguarding people’s overall health and wellbeing. If training is required ACH can arrange this. We can advise on the most cost-effective ways of reducing risk to enable and maintain safe, injury-free work practices.

ACH can identify not only the potential for injury but will find ways your organisation can get ahead by improving performance.

Employers with safe, healthy work environments will find it easier to attract and retain committed team members…