If we spend long periods doing work that requires us to be in static positions, the physical toll it will take on us is going to depend on the quality of the workplace setup. Our bodies can either do the job safely and efficiently, or they can try to go against their own physical makeup and design in order to get the job done. If this sounds like a battleground, consider the fact that many people find that prolonged computer work causes them physical pain and discomfort, to the extent that some go on to develop serious problems and some have to look for other types of work.

And yet when someone individualises their work area so it fits them, they have comfort not strain. Work becomes easy not difficult.

It’s a simple concept – sitting, standing, our bodies need to move well and often. We can adjust the workplace to make the best use of our body’s capabilities and we can work around any limitations!

Here’s something to try – find a task you can do for 30 min without changing position except for typing or similar. Set your watch, app or phone alarm, get yourself into a comfortable position and start….notice how you felt afterwards.

Now do the same task in an uncomfortable position, for 10 min. Were you more uncomfortable this time? The discomfort you felt is multiplied many times and repeated over and over again when we are driven to achieve an outcome no matter what the physical cost.

Remember the Simple Concept, move well and often. Today!

If you would like to talk to a health professional or you’d like to know a bit more about what you can do to make the workplace fit the people and not the other way round, contact

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