Workplace Health & Safety

Some of the common reasons for back, shoulder and other injuries are related to incorrect setup or practices at the worksite. If this means lost time due to injuries, we know how it affects not only productivity and finances, but also workplace morale.

If your team has been experiencing higher than expected levels of sick and injury leave, Allied Corporate Health can help reduce this by providing information and training to enable people to rethink how they approach tasks. This will have your team performing better and thinking differently about many tasks they routinely do. Our prompt report will enable you to see what is needed to minimise MSD’s and ensure workplace compliance.

Safety, regulative compliance, job satisfaction and health can be related to improvements resulting from worksite assessments

Allied Corporate Health will also support your organisation through identification and control of risks and other potential issues in the immediate or remote work environment.  No matter where your workplace is, we can assist with the implementation of any measures or programmes needed to help your team maintain a safe, healthy, compliant workplace.

Further support is available – topics include but are not limited to:

  • Consultation and assessment of needs
  • Organisational culture and training
  • Safety policy alteration and implementation
  • Safety and/or health awareness-raising activities
  • Risk identification and hazard controls