MOVE MORE and get the benefits

The evidence is in – we need to move frequently at work and break up the time spent in one position. It isn’t necessarily just about standing more, it’s about moving more. So if you’ve been thinking about a sit-stand desk and are still undecided, take a few minutes to think about what you want from it.

You could get all the standing you need in your work day with a sitting desk and chair if you create enough opportunities to stand and move more. Especially important if you have a great seated workstation where you are comfortable and productive.

Experts say we should gradually work up to around 4 hours standing in a work day. So try standing during meetings and phone calls. Try dedicated standing meetings, in which all or most participants stand – these can produce sharper results in less time.

Take microbreaks – extremely short regular breaks which are effective in reducing the problems associated with static sitting. There are many software programs and apps available to remind you to do this and most also provide movement suggestions.

If you decide to get a standing desk, increasing your standing time gradually helps your body adjust to the new pattern. However you still need to break up static postures since too much standing creates its own set of problems – just ask someone who stands up at work, how they feel at the end of the day. 

A sit-stand setup correctly may also allow you to manage your own requirements in your own way. 


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