OFFICE HEALING – The key to success!

Why is it that people don’t just fit straight into their ergonomically designed workstation?

What’s the key to successful workstation setup?

Individualising the work environment!

Because people come in every conceivable shape and size, each with their own requirements and preferences, the workplace environment of each person must be altered to make it congruent with their own unique physical and mental attributes. If you take a group of similar people and place them at the same workstation, each would make a lot of personal alterations to the basic setup in order to be comfortable and no two would make the same changes.

deskEveryone has a unique makeup that is deeply inherent and essential to be preserved. In order to obtain a match between a human being and his or her external environment and for this combination to achieve its potential, there must be an alignment and training process where the fit between two previously unrelated systems is tuned and then fine-tuned. Otherwise this setup will work inefficiently and the person will very likely experience some kind of body stress.

Spend 15 minutes in a comfortable position without moving, then repeat in an uncomfortable position and you will probably feel the beginnings of body stress in the uncomfortable posture much more. Our bodies keep trying to maintain whatever working position we require them to be in, for as long as they can even if it is causing harm, and because it is a slow process we don’t feel it till much later. However if stress continues stress it can become long-term strain.

Workplace and/or ergonomic assessments by a qualified professional are a cost effective way to help ensure that at your workplace the environment fits the people and they don’t suffer unnecessary body stress. Team members whose work environment fits them well are happier and more productive and your business will be the ultimate winner.

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